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87 S Farview Ave
Paramus, NJ, 07652
United States


Caramel was just the start of  Caramella Moo. 

One day, an ordinary woman was making caramel and made history (a good idea). She made toffee and that made her famous. (well, not that famous) People from far and wide (in New Jersey) called her and asked for some of her addicting candy. She had no idea that she would create a company that would sell great tasting toffee and also help kids battle addiction and recovery. 

As time went by, more and more people came to understand that the delicious ingredients used to make Caramella Moo and the mission to help kids battle addiction were a simple, but powerful pair. 

Please join in our mission and try some Caramella Moo..  The Original thin Toffee, and we will  donate to one of our favorite addiction charities. 

addiction info

When we met the folks at Young People in Recovery we were so impressed with the support and love for one another. You just can't feel uncomfortable here.

A do good Non Profit, the Amy Winehouse Foundation teaches kids strength through music.

The Fix is a fantastic resource that guides one through the help process with an abundance of information

Partnership for Drug -Free Kids. Lots of informative articles and statistics about drug misuse. One of our faves.

Shatterproof, stronger than addiction.   You will find help, education and a group of amazing people here.


How about some statistics? 

  • Prescription medicines are now the most commonly abused drugs among 12 to 13 year olds.  *NSDUH 2012

  • One in four teens has misused or abused a prescription drug at least once in their lifetime.   *PATS 2013


  • A majority of parents agree that it should be illegal to provide marijuana to underage children at home and over 80 percent of parents believe "marijuana advertising should still be banned."     *Drugfree Marijuana Survey