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87 S Farview Ave
Paramus, NJ, 07652
United States


Caramel was just the start of  Caramella Moo. 

One day, an ordinary woman was making caramel and made history (a good idea). She made toffee and that made her famous. (well, not that famous) People from far and wide (in New Jersey) called her and asked for some of her addicting candy. She had no idea that she would create a company that would sell great tasting toffee and also help kids battle addiction and recovery. 

As time went by, more and more people came to understand that the delicious ingredients used to make Caramella Moo and the mission to help kids battle addiction were a simple, but powerful pair. 

Please join in our mission and try some Caramella Moo..  The Original thin Toffee, and we will  donate to one of our favorite addiction charities. 


Q: What is the shelf life of Caramella MOO?

Keep your MOO fresh in the refrigerator for up to 6 months. Once opened, the moisture in the air will  soften the candy, so make sure to keep opened MOO zip locked or in a sealed container. We recommend you eat your candy within 4 to 6 weeks if not refrigerated.

 Where can I find Caramella moo?

You can find Caramella MOO at the following fine stores:

Nicholas Markets, North Haledon, Washington Township, and Cedar Grove, NJ

City Acres, Pine Street, FiDi, NYC

Please ask your local supermarket to carry Caramella Moo!

Caramella MOO is available on our website.

Q: What happens if I live in a warm weather area?

If your order is shipping to a warm weather area, we recommend an upgrade for your shipment to either next day or second day. We will pack your order with a a cold pack to ensure that your product arrives in good order!